Chairman's Update 16 April 2013

I know a lot of shareholders have had questions about our business in South Korea. As you will know, the Ballantine's Championship is next week, and preparations are well underway to make this the most successful tournament to-date.

I was lucky enough to be in Seoul on Saturday to see K-Pop legend PSY (he of Gangnam Style fame) perform his new single "Gentleman", live for the first time.

The fact that it smashed a YouTube record by attracting 20 Million views in the first 24 hours, and at the time of writing has been watched a staggering 80 Million times, should give an indication  that things are very much live and kicking in South Korea.

Check out the video here.

This is a great time for Parallel Media Group, and I look forward to sharing news of the Championship with you in the near future.