Chairman's Update 3 April 2013

It has been over a month since my last update. I am pleased to inform shareholders that your company aims to publish its 2012 Report and Accounts by mid May, subsequent to the staging of the forthcoming Ballantine’s Championship outside  Seoul, Korea. These accounts will contain a trading statement, which will update you on the positive financial impact of the company’s new-signed projects (both those which have been announced and those to be announced).

I draw your attention to the recent AIA K-Pop announcement, for the new concert in Kuala Lumpur in June, and am pleased to confirm positive negotiations for further concerts in 2013. 

I remain positive about your company’s future in 2013 and beyond, and believe that its current share price bares no reflection on its real value. On a personal basis, I am only frustrated that being in a closed period means that I am unable to buy further shares.

Finally, the Report and Accounts will also contain a notice of an AGM and a bi-annual Q&A via the PMG Facebook page, with company directors, key executives and shareholders.

David Ciclitira

Chairman, PMG