Chairman's Update 3 December 2012

Fellow shareholders,

I am writing to share my frustration at the current share price.

Our business is in good shape, with a good end to 2012 predicted and a great 2013 ahead of us.

We are not immune from the financial fortunes of Individuals in this difficult time, and the share price has suffered over the last 6 weeks, as some shareholders have had to realise their shareholdings at an unfortunate time and price.

We are scheduled to make several significant announcements in the forthcoming months. Until this time, I am once again limited in my ability to increase my shareholding in the company, but will look to do so as soon as possible after the announcement of these significant deals.

My aim in 2013 is to re-establish a growing earnings per share, so that the share price reflects the appropriate p/e for the business that we have.

With your continued support I am sure we will.

I am committed to continually updating you all, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or Amelia Wix.

David Ciclitira